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About Sinbad

Why Sinbad Travel?

We are introducing our new exclusive HostGuide™ Network (focusing on Arab Diaspora, Refugees, Muslim Minorities -Mainly in Europe) to provide a solution to the growing global community of Arab & Muslim millennial travelers (SinbadGuests) worldwide with low budget providing a one stop shop including: Muslim friendly accommodation, local guide, halalfood.

Who is Sinbad Guest?

Arab & Muslim Millennial Travelers in general and the ideal persona of our uses can be described as an adventures traveler with limited budget, yet… Our users are conservative Arabs & Muslims in which they are looking for a Muslim friendly environment in terms of experience, food and accommodation and are happy to be connected to local Muslim  worldwide.

Our Partners

Mohamed El Selini (Rahalista)

I believe that Sinbad with be the leading platform for Muslims worldwide and a community to inspire young people to discover top destinations, meet locals and share their stories with the world!

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The Sinbad project: A bid to change the way Muslims travel As a halal travel platform, the Sinbad HostGuide™ network hopes to provide a space for travel tours and guides….

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