I love traveling and exploring new cities like Ibn Fatota! unlocking new destinations, learning new languages, immersing myself into new cultures …. 
Oh! it snaps into my mind my last visit to Spain  … The Magnificent Barcelona! 
Yet, I had a nightmares there! … I don’t know if it is only happening to me! When being on travel, I always pray … why? not because i scare of airplanes or I’ve a close places phobia! it’s simply because of so called 5 star accommodations (hotels!)  which is bother me as Muslim traveler to have a unfriendly setting in my bathroom, wasting time to know where Qebla is, not have enough room and clean spot to pray or walking miles starving to find a place that serves halal food, on top of that having unpleasant, uncomfortable, poor traveling experience.

I believe this happens to many Arabs & Muslims around the world every day, it not our fault, it’s the system in general, despite the fact that one of every 5 people in this planet are Muslims!  … yet we still under-served by the traveling and tourism industries .. There has to be a better way!

The Arabic and Islamic history is rich of well known Muslim Rahala like Ibn Fatota and fiction characters like Sinbad I believe it’s the right time to bring this culture back and encouraging all Muslims young travelers to explore and discover new destinations and to awake the spirit of Sinbad in everyone of us!

Hi, my name Marwan Alabed … Co-Founder of Sinbad Creative Solutions, now I’m time-traveling with my team to bring back Sinbad to the world!